Our approach always includes the following activities:

Understand content destination and type of audience

It is important, before setting out on developing any type of content, to understand the features of the organization which will deliver the content, the content purposes and structure and the target audience. Our intervention will be completely tailored to the needs of the educational institution, training department or professional community so as to make sure the final result fit in with the overall strategy of the organisation.

Define clear learning objectives and syllabus design

An effective educational or professional training offering, has to guarantee a strong alignment between curriculum design and generic or specific competences required by an educational or professional program. We provide support in the process of definition of learning objectives and syllabus design. Our activity will provide our clients with the necessary professional advice to reach an effective definition and coordination between all key components of their educational or professional training offering.

Develop content and instructional design

Content required for distance education or blended learning is not structured in the same way as for in-class learning. Online courses offer the possibility to give to content the necessary configuration and flexibility so that the teaching and learning process is made far more effective and efficient. Developing customized content for online courses, provides teachers and students with a tailor-made educational tool which, (if properly conceived and developed) can vastly enhance the on-going relationship between students and teachers.

Design and develop content delivery and assessment systems

It is very easy to misinterpret short term memory with understanding when using distant or blended learning techniques. For this reason there should be regular self assessment tasks which call on the students to test their understanding and also to apply their understanding of one or more granular chunks of content to practical situations.

Assess the infrastructure

Understanding the technology funnel from server to end-user is crucial. We always define the level of technology adequate to the existing infrastructure (or the one that the client is planning to develop). It is crucial to avoid any type of frustration caused by a mismatch between available technology, learning tools and solutions developed. This could be one of the main factors that can reduce the effectiveness of the learning experience and outcomes.

Understand the current course administration and student management systems

Learning Management Systems can provide full course enrolment management facilities. We will develop the system to meet the administrative needs of each client and to integrate with existing systems where possible and where required.

Train teachers and administrators

Change is often the biggest barrier in moving towards more advanced and student friendly learning systems. It is therefore crucial that all stakeholders in the learning cycle are trained to a level where they will be able to achieve the best learning outcomes from the new systems and methodology.

Understanding and/or defining the mission of the website

A deep understanding of the purposes and the mission for which a website is created, is always a first step for addressing the project properly. Some time we also help our customers in defining the website mission or in fine tuning it. The mission understanding/definition is influencing all elements of the website such as Design, Content layout, Functionalities and level of interactivity.

Develop a proper website concept - project definition

The outcomes of the previous point, will generate the necessary information to create a proper project blueprint with a deeper level of definition of Design, Content layout, Functionalities and level of interactivity.

Develop design and content structure

Web design and table of content will be further developed following the project scheme. Our web design experts and web content experts will provide their professional contribution for the realization of design and content layout.

Web programming and functionalities development

Our web programmers will develop all the solutions and tools provided by the project. We can provide adequate programming for e-commerce solutions, database integration, interactive platforms for downloading content and many other options.

Releasing the final version and fine tuning process

Final version of the website will be released. The final version will be released and hosted on our servers for a period of time of 6 months during which we guarantee to customers the proper support and assistance for fine tuning activities.

Editorial Services for content editorial review and optimization

Developing efficient content, is always a goal for any author. Not always this is achieved at the first draft. Many times authors have a pretty good idea about concepts but may be they are less strong on content efficiency. Content hierarchy and content optimization are some of the aspects which can make the communication a lot more efficient. We as a company specialized in any sort of content management, can provide a very effective editorial service with the capability of improving the content quality. We can work in several different domains, Scientific, Technical, Educational and so on.

Development of a proper interior design and layout

Content are even more effective when integrated by a proper interior design and layout. Text and images have to be merged in a way that can facilitate the content reading and can emphasize the key concepts included in a given text. With our experts in content graphic we can provide adequate support to the creation and optimization of the necessary interior design and layout which can further improve the quality of the content presentation.